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I suppose we should do an update...

Posted by Mary Fincher

The blog (among other things...)has somewhat fallen by the wayside right now with the move, wedding plans, etc! Rest assured, once we are settled in the new place, there will be more blogging, video gaming, etc!

Since purchasing the house about six weeks ago, things have been crazy! We are now down to just DAYS until the house is officially ours and we can move in! YAY!! You have no idea how happy Jeremy & I are to be out of that little apartment and into a bigger place! And I will be so happy to get all the boxes unpacked that are currently cluttering up our apartment!

We get the house sometime on Tuesday (hopefully sooner rather than later!). We probably won't be doing too much moving on Tuesday since we want to shampoo the carpets first of all. I do, however, plan on moving all my stuff from the kitchen over on Tuesday and getting it unpacked and put away. One of the things I am most looking forward to is organizing everything in the kitchen because there we will be so much more space than what we currently have! YAY!!

The other thing Jeremy & I are both looking forward to is the projector we purchased. I won't speak too much about it since I'm sure Jeremy will do a blog post about it very soon. I will say this though: the picture quality is AMAZING!! The first movie we're going to watch on it is Transformers. We also can't wait to play Rock Band on it, as well as other video games. I'm going to try and post pictures of setting up the home theatre system. I think it's gonna look really good when it's all said and done.

Anyway, lots to still do between now & next Tuesday!! We'll try our to keep you posted as to how our move is going! Hopefully all goes smoothly with it. And we're both hoping for a change in the forecast...right now, they are calling for rain!!


Sean80 said...

Hope you guys enjoy the new place. I'm sure Mary is looking forward to having a tea/zen room all to herself. lol

jim said...