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I should have posted this months ago. We have MOVED our blog. If you're got us on your website, please update your links:

Maremy's Blog 2.0

Thanks, everyone!! Hope to catch you over at our new home...


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Fixing Things Up...

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This is a real work in progress right now, but it should look pretty spiffy when it's done.

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Cleaing up...

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We've noticed lately a few spammers have been leaving comments on our blog. So, in the midst of starting to delete them, I accidentally deleted a few comments that I did not mean to delete! So I apologize if it suddenly says next to your comment "deleted by forum administrator". I did not mean to delete it! It should really say "accidentally deleted by forum administrator who is doing a bit of a clean-up at 6:20am and is too sleepy to be doing this" ;). So, I apologize if your comment has disappeared!

So yeah, not much of an update, eh? Apparently, Jeremy is cooking up some new thing for this blog. Layout or something....hopefully soon.

So, new things? Wedding reception went well but we're glad it is out of the way, Olie & Zoe (kitties we're looking after for friends) are doing well and we love having them around...hmm...what else? We bought a Nintendo Wii on Friday night! :) Of course, there's more...but I want to leave that to updates we'll hopefully get to soon.

If you've been stopping by to check our blog out for updates, thanks for doing that! I promise there will be more for you to see soon :).

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We are alive!

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I realize it's been awhile! Too long, I think, since the last entry. I figure I better do a bit of an update.

You might have guessed things have been hectic! Between moving into our house on July 1st, getting married on August 1st, me getting a new job (yes, I am now the technician at the museum here in Goderich! Not only am I now married to Jeremy...I am his co-worker, too!), and other things in between, it has been a bit crazy. Next on our list? A few things...

  • One of my best friends, Jessica, arrives on Friday. She's here for our wedding reception on the 17th (I should mention she is taking over is maid-of-honour for Amanda, who is now living in Dubai) and is staying with Jeremy & I. She'll also be here for...
  • Thanksgiving! Yes, it is this weekend. We have a few family events to attend, which we are very much looking forward to. We're also happy Jessica can attend them with us.
  • Also on Thanksgiving weekend Jeremy's friend John is getting married in Stratford. We will be attending that wedding on our way to the Baechler Thanksgiving at Jeff & Rose's in Georgetown.
  • And finally ***DRUMROLL*** OUR WEDDING RECEPTION IS OCTOBER 17th!!! Both of us are very much looking forward to it...
Despite the wedding reception drawing very close (and Thanksgiving even closer), over last week and a bit we've had a bit of chance to sort of relax. Things are slowly starting to feel like normal again after having a very busy summer!

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the new additions we have right now...Olie & Zoe!! They're cats who belong to our very dear friends (and maid-of-honour & best man) Amanda & Anderson. For those who don't know, Amanda & Anderson have moved to Dubai. We are looking after the kitties until they get settled.

I think that is all! If you are saying "you're married now?" or are confused about anything else, don't worry! We have plans to do entries about all this stuff (well, hopefully!). In short, changes will be happening at our blog :) Stay tuned!!!

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Happy 27th Birthday!!

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I just wanted to wish my lovely wife a happy 27th birthday tomorrow
(August 10). Sorry about the image. I tried to find a decent teapot
shaped one without a different name on it.

Hope this will do. Love you!


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Birthday wishes...

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Happy Birthday, Jere!!!

Love always,


On a sidenote, I really wish I was talented enough in the baking department to make a Katamari Damacy cake like that! And guess what? That was actually a wedding cake. How cool is that! I know I few people who had a great appreciation for it (a dear friend named Maggi is one :) ). This year, he'll have to settle for the carrot cake I made for him ;). And yes, it was made completely from scratch (grated carrots and all!).

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I suppose we should do an update...

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The blog (among other things...)has somewhat fallen by the wayside right now with the move, wedding plans, etc! Rest assured, once we are settled in the new place, there will be more blogging, video gaming, etc!

Since purchasing the house about six weeks ago, things have been crazy! We are now down to just DAYS until the house is officially ours and we can move in! YAY!! You have no idea how happy Jeremy & I are to be out of that little apartment and into a bigger place! And I will be so happy to get all the boxes unpacked that are currently cluttering up our apartment!

We get the house sometime on Tuesday (hopefully sooner rather than later!). We probably won't be doing too much moving on Tuesday since we want to shampoo the carpets first of all. I do, however, plan on moving all my stuff from the kitchen over on Tuesday and getting it unpacked and put away. One of the things I am most looking forward to is organizing everything in the kitchen because there we will be so much more space than what we currently have! YAY!!

The other thing Jeremy & I are both looking forward to is the projector we purchased. I won't speak too much about it since I'm sure Jeremy will do a blog post about it very soon. I will say this though: the picture quality is AMAZING!! The first movie we're going to watch on it is Transformers. We also can't wait to play Rock Band on it, as well as other video games. I'm going to try and post pictures of setting up the home theatre system. I think it's gonna look really good when it's all said and done.

Anyway, lots to still do between now & next Tuesday!! We'll try our to keep you posted as to how our move is going! Hopefully all goes smoothly with it. And we're both hoping for a change in the forecast...right now, they are calling for rain!!