6:18 AM

Cleaing up...

Posted by Mary Fincher

We've noticed lately a few spammers have been leaving comments on our blog. So, in the midst of starting to delete them, I accidentally deleted a few comments that I did not mean to delete! So I apologize if it suddenly says next to your comment "deleted by forum administrator". I did not mean to delete it! It should really say "accidentally deleted by forum administrator who is doing a bit of a clean-up at 6:20am and is too sleepy to be doing this" ;). So, I apologize if your comment has disappeared!

So yeah, not much of an update, eh? Apparently, Jeremy is cooking up some new thing for this blog. Layout or something....hopefully soon.

So, new things? Wedding reception went well but we're glad it is out of the way, Olie & Zoe (kitties we're looking after for friends) are doing well and we love having them around...hmm...what else? We bought a Nintendo Wii on Friday night! :) Of course, there's more...but I want to leave that to updates we'll hopefully get to soon.

If you've been stopping by to check our blog out for updates, thanks for doing that! I promise there will be more for you to see soon :).


JackiYo said...

So, what? Every couple months we'll get a new entry? Sheesh! ;)